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Mary from Dungloe 2019


A special live programme as girls compete for
the ‘Mary from Dungloe 2019’ title and crown.
Presented by Daniel O’Donnell and Caitlín Nic Aoidh.

Mary from Dungloe 2019

Daniel O’Donnell and Caitlín Nic Aoidh host this special live programme as girls from around Ireland and from all over the world compete for the ‘Mary from Dungloe 2019’ title and crown.

Irish Television channel TG4 will be broadcasting the Crowning Cabaret of the 2019 Mary from Dungloe live on Sunday, 4th August from 8.30pm. The event will also be streamed live on the TG4 Player, and available to view across the globe.

The 52nd Mary from Dungloe International Arts Festival (MFDIAF) runs from Saturday 27th July to Monday 5th August and on the penultimate night of the festival the Crowning Cabaret pageant is held, with 14 participants – known as ‘Marys’ – from home and abroad participating. Hosted and presented by local international singing star Daniel O’Donnell, who will have a little Q&A with each of the Marys, Irish emigrant communities, the Donegal Diaspora and residents of Ireland compete to win the crown with some showcasing their talents with party pieces. In the end, the one who best embodies the spirit of the festival shall be crowned ‘Mary from Dungloe’ 2019.

The Crowning Cabaret promises to be a shared viewing experience and in addition to the official live tweet of the event, viewers will be able to cheer on their favourite and share their thoughts on the possible winner wherever they are in the world via twitter, instagram, facebook and snapchat by tagging the MFDIAF social media channels and using the hashtag #MFD52

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